Get Fit with Cat – FAQs

Can I do these workouts in addition to my personal training sessions with you?

Yes! You will receive 3 workouts each month that you can work on during your own time. Together, we will work on exercises that compliment the online subscription workouts.

Do I need a gym membership?

Nope. You can complete these workouts at home. You will need a few sets of dumbbells (light, and heavy), a stability ball, tubing (I like these), mini bands
(I like these OR If you have a gym membership great! I plan on providing alternatives for those who have access to a variety of equipment.

Will you offer a discount again?

Probably not. Once the price goes up, I will likely not put it back down.

What about when my year membership is up, will I stay at the same price if I want to continue?


Can I share these workouts with my husband/wife/partner?

Yes. Though I would appreciate it if you did not share it with friends, or people outside of your home.

How long will the workouts take?

Count on them taking about an hour. Maybe a bit more if you spend more time warming up.

Is there nutrition help included?

There will be a Facebook group where recipes can be shared. If you would like further help, that is an extra cost.

Will cardio be included?

Yes. It will be optional and included if you wish to incorporate it at the end of your workouts.

What if I cannot complete an exercise (because of an injury/limitation)?

I will do my best to provide alternatives (in the Facebook group), or you may ask me privately and I will address it to the group (email, Facebook)