Our Trainers

Catherine Swail

Thank you for for visiting Reborn by Catherine Fit. I hope that after reading about who we are, and what this business stands for – you will contact us to see how Reborn can help you become a better and healthier version of yourself.

My name is Catherine and I started this Personal Training business over 8 years ago when I was completely mobile and going to clients’ homes and renting halls, I recently moved into a storefront location in old town Kemptville, ON, where I see clients in person, while also developing the online portion of Catherine Fit.

I was never considered athletic, nimble or fast growing up, and in fact – I’m still not. Over time, I’ve come to learn that our mental and emotional health are just as important as the physical. I want my clients to understand that their stress levels, and internal well being will affect how their physical body responds to fat loss.

At Reborn, we aim to teach our clients how they can view physical fitness in a better light, and use it to help how they are feeling on the inside. Reborn has recently partnered with a registered dietician, and together our goal is show people how they can eat in a moderate and reasonable manner, without feeling deprived AND still enjoy this lifestyle.

This is not a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan. This is a lifestyle change. There are no big overhauls. No eliminating food groups, and no meal plans or fad diets. But instead, we are teaching you how to have a better relationship with food, exercise and as a result – your body.

Are you ready to change your life?
Let’s get started!

Your friend in fitness, Catherine

Chad Brisebois

Hi Everyone! My name is Chad Brisebois. I am a very proud and passionate partner in the REBORN movement!

Born and bred in Ottawa, Ontario, with an extensive background in athletics, I decided to take my knowledge and passion to a platform where I could reach as many people as possible and to be of service to those in need.

Why REBORN? The fitness industry today can be a breeding ground for false advertisement and empty promises and can lead you into a vortex of more questions than answers. Our team at REBORN is committed on a daily basis to creating quality, yet challenging training and accommodations for our clients who are looking to take that “leap” into a more active and rewarding lifestyle.

Our promise… The idea of REBORN was brought to life by two people with nothing other than a passion to help others succeed, as much as we wanted success for ourselves. After both making significant changes in our own lives, and truly living up to the standards of a REBORN lifestyle, we decided to dedicate our lives to promoting health and wellness through functional fitness and nutrition to help create the best version of you!

Are you ready to experience #theREBORNeffect?