Welcome to my Personal Training & Fitness page!

I am a certified Personal Trainer and I am looking to bring fitness into the lives of others. I have gone through my own fitness journey, and I want you to someday be able to tell your own.


1-1 Personal Training Services

If you live within a 10-15 km radius of Kemptville, ON – I will meet you in your home on a regular basis, and we will work together to reach your fitness goals.

Online Personal Training

Weekly check-ins, monthly workout programs, nutrition guidance and most of all — accountability!

Ask me more about how we can work online together to get you to your goals!

Adaptive Bodywork and Soft Tissue Mobilization

Do you have muscle and/or joint pain? Maybe you have tried massage, physiotherapy and other bodywork practitioners to help relieve your pain to no avail?

This service is different. I work to hydrate your tissue to give it mobility and fluidity. We will work together to help relieve any pain, and get you moving to where you were not before.

Group Fitness Classes

Held Twice Weekly at the Burrits Rapids Community Hall in Burritts Rapids, ON on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:00 am.

No Fitness Level Required. Everyone is asked to work to their own pace and intensity.


Gym H0urs

Monday-Friday: 6am - 9pm

Saturday: 7am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Contact Information

Tel. (613) 327-5756

Email catherineptfitness@gmail.com