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  • Monthly workout personalized
  • workout program
  • Personalized mobility plan
  • Nutrition coaching and guidance
  • Bi-weekly check in calls
  • Email/text support

$1,087.00 or $429.00 / month

Online group fitness classes

Save 10%

$129.00 / month

Save 5%

$99.00 / month

$52.00 / month

1-1 Personal Training

These 1-1 sessions will focus on building strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination.

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Get Fit with Cat!

New monthly workouts, every month!

This is a service that gives YOU monthly workouts on a subscription basis.

$41.00 / month

Mobility and Flow Full Series

Mobility and Flow is all about moving the joints, and getting the muscles primed for your day or your workout.


Bodywork & Soft Tissue Mobilization

Do you have muscle and/or joint pain?

I work to hydrate your tissue to give it mobility and fluidity.