Get Fit with Cat!

$41.00 / month

To complete these workouts – you will need dumbbells (2 sets – 1 light and 1 heavier), a stability ball, mini bands and tubing/TheraBand. A bench is helpful but not necessary.

You will have access to 3 workouts, 1 mobility/warm up routine and, 2 cardio options each month.

Every month you will receive 3 brand new workouts.

There are videos for every exercise, so watch beforehand and get ready to move!

These workouts are done on your own time. Pick a time to get them done, and plug away as the month goes on.

You will love some workouts, and dislike others — that’s part of the game, friends!

New monthly workouts, every month!

This is a service that gives YOU monthly workouts on a subscription basis.


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